Sales Analysis

More Time. Control. Profit

With live, accurate reporting at your fingertips you are able to make better informed decisions more quickly & drive your profits as a result.

Because Retailsystem is cloud based you can access live reports and business intelligence from anywhere at any time. Imagine being at a furniture show with a potential new supplier; they offer a product similar to one you already run, but you can’t quite remember how much you pay for current one or how many you would expect to sell in a year. If you have a smartphone or a tablet with you – no problem.

The same goes for stock, customer data, customer service and sales reporting, in fact Retailsystem has over 50 reports instantly available, clear and easy for you to read and act on.

  • One Click
  • Real-time
  • Mobile
  • Exportable
  • Multi-level
  • Instant

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“Now I finally know exactly what’s happening in the store”

Sue Pittams Director EW Elphicks Huntington

Real Time

Always up to date data

One Click

No lengthy setting of report dimensions


Business intelligence wherever you are


Drill down for more detail in each report