Buying & Stock Control

More Time. Control. Profit

Spend less time crunching numbers and duplicating work and more time in front of your customers, Retailsystem automatically creates back to back purchase orders when you sell a customer a special order item, which are then emailed directly to the supplier. They always reflect the current cost prices and you can group them to allow container building or special deals.

You can de-brand should you wish to counteract showrooming and help you protect your margin

Full stock reporting by Location, Value, Brand or Range helps you order the right amount every time, whilst Intelligent stock order assist suggests stock re-order based upon your sales trends and setting re-order levels mean you never have to run out of that every day seller.

Landed cost adjustment means that costs can be amended after the goods arrive to ensure 100% accuracy in margin reporting and drive profit. With the New Stock Arrived Report there is no need for those new models to languish in the warehouse because nobody thought to tell you they had arrived.

Because it’s Cloud based it’s fully mobile; you have full live system access from Trade Shows, Suppliers or on the beach with a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Purchase Orders
  • Full Stock Reporting
  • Mobile
  • Intelligent
  • Flexible
  • Cost Adjustment

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“I have saved myself hours every week using Retailsystem’s automatic purchase ordering not only is it much quicker but it’s always 100% accurate too'”

Robin Sutherland- M.D. 14 North St

Cost Adjustment

Amend cost prices to allow for special deals or landed costs


Create Purchase orders or check stock and pricing from anywhere

Purchase Orders

Creates purchase order automatically for emailing direct from Retailsystem


Allows Multiple Retail pricing to allow for sales pricing or special deals