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Have the future in-mind as you execute each week!

We have all heard the terms mission, vision, and values. As leaders is is our primary responsibility to have those clearly defined and articulated. (If not, another exercise for you!!) But as we grind the daily wheels in our businesses, we often forget to keep an eye on the future as we handle the daunting […]

Making sure your goals and strategies pass the test – my basic ground rules

Welcome to 2019! Hope you had a safe and fulfilling holiday season with friends and family. Before we jump into goals and strategy – I want to cover a few ground rules I follow when looking at my personal road-map. (Again – keeping in mind there are many flavors and approaches – these are mine). […]

Gearing up for a fantastic 2019

Like every other person out there I sit here and ponder 2019 and all the opportunity that’s in front of me over the next 365 days. Family, diet, fitness, health and wealth and happiness. Maybe it’s a leap year and there’s 366. I think that is 2020. A whole extra day to synchronize. Cool. Wasn’t […]