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A “Silver Bullet” will not save your retail business

Last week I was on a call with a furniture retailer. A couple locations, not large by any means – but not tiny either; “been in business for over 60 years”. What stated as a “got a minute” type call turned into a nice dialog about challenge; specifically challenge traditional retailers face. I will admit […]

Retail Marketing – Part science, part art, part gut and 150% tenacity

So, we are often asked; “Jesse, what are dealers doing online?”. Not are they doing eCommerce (well maybe that too) – but more along the lines of Digital Marketing. You know – that scary unknown that to most is voodoo snake oil. Let’s pause a moment and look back in time. Years ago, I vividly […]

No Free Returns?! Time to be clear about your policies – and your experience!

As a consumer – we are always concerned when we order that which requires delivery. We call it the last mile in home furnishings – but it really applies to any item that we (the consumer) have that set “level of expectation”. The pizza is hot and on time. The cable guy – on time […]

The life of an e-tailer at High Point Market

  Like many of our readers I am a frequent market “participant”. At markets – I have had the fortunate experience to meet with countless retailers and manufacturers over my 20+ years in the home furnishings industry. At High Point (which just wrapped-up a few days ago) – I enjoyed an embedded experience with the […]

Online continues to move offline! Wayfair joining in.

A recent article in CNBC highlights an announcement by Wayfair. Wayfair on Tuesday announced it will be opening its first full-service store at the Natick Mall in Natick, Massachusetts, which is managed by Brookfield Properties, in early fall of this year. That’s after it tested a few pop-up shops, including one at Westfield Garden State […]

There is no such thing as a stupid question

Don’t you just love it when someone starts telling you about a retail success story – only to find out it is a retailer that has 1000’s of employees and deep capabilities. I challenge you to not dismiss due to a self-perceived “not for me”; and see if there is something to be extracted that […]

Never forget the importance of retail basic best practices

It’s late in the fourth quarter football fans. The home team is down by 6 with 4 seconds on the clock. There are no timeouts remaining and 40 yards to go. This last play will determine the game. Man do we love (or hate) his moment; all depending which side of the ball you sit! […]

To price or not to price

“To price or not to price, that is the question”. It sounds like a modern version of Hamlet, but this time spoken by a traditional retailer. And it is time for retailers to face change rather than run away from the consumer. We see it all the time, traditional brick and mortar furniture and mattress […]

Are you focused on the right numbers?

While there are many great business books, one that still stands strong is Good to Great by Jim Collins. If you haven’t – worth a couple reads. While the examples are somewhat dated – the principals are fundamentally spot on. Which leads me today’s topic. I received a question last week. The Retailer wrote – […]

Adopt initiatives that withstand and expand

A few days ago, announced that they are introducing the MoDRN collection. A line-up of 650 items in the $20 – $899 price range. Within a few hours – I received numerous calls from retail friends wanting to gripe about this latest home furnishings “obstacle”. Giving each of them their due 60 seconds to […]