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What do I do?! A key employee just up and quit.

As leaders – unfortunately there are less then rosy days. Yes, it is not all golf courses and lake views from the boat of choice. Of all the days however – the days that seem to cause the greatest level of angst are when we lose a good team member. But were they? They left. […]

Never forget the importance of retail basic best practices

It’s late in the fourth quarter football fans. The home team is down by 6 with 4 seconds on the clock. There are no timeouts remaining and 40 yards to go. This last play will determine the game. Man do we love (or hate) his moment; all depending which side of the ball you sit! […]

Understand technology P.A.R.K.

How many people do you know that are one Google search short of a PhD? They seem to everything about everything on a given topic. After all it’s on the internet so it is correct, right? There is nothing wrong with a bit of knowledge. Honestly, I don’t know how I existed without YouTube to […]