Customer Service

More Time. Control. Profit

Customer service is so much more than dealing with complaints these days, it’s about being pro-active, keeping the customer informed every step of the way and handling any issues in a prompt and efficient way. Retailsystem keeps the customer informed from the moment they place an order with you if you choose to; the online order tracking allows them to log in to see the status of their order whenever they choose, but you maintain control of what they see. Client analysis has shown that this alone can reduce incoming ‘order chase’ calls by up to 46% freeing your sales staff to spend more time booking new orders.

The text alerts advising customers of the arrival of their goods and confirming delivery slots is another area where Retailsystem helps your business to show exceptional customer Service.

For the times when you do receive complaints the customer service module helps you to manage that issue end-to-end, by recording action taken by personnel, customer photographs of damage, upholsterer reports or supplier correspondence and replacement re-order whilst allowing all staff access to the information so anybody can help the customer.

  • Online Order Tracking
  • Text Alerts
  • Replacement Ordering
  • Contact Log
  • Supplier Correspondence
  • Image/Report Storage

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“The Customer Service Module on its own makes Retailsystem worth having’ “

Barry Muldoon – Partner at Houseproud Furnishings Ltd

Online order tracking

Gives your customer more control and reduces chase calls

Text Alerts

Keeps your customers up to date & reduces dwell time

Replacement ordering

Track replacements within the system no more paper or guesswork

Contact Log

Everyone has the information needed to help the customer