Sales Floor

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Sales Floor

You want your salespeople to be efficiently dealing with your customers, maximizing sales, answering customer questions and easily checking stock availability in real time. Retailsystem has made the process of placing a customer order extremely simple and straight-forward.

With Retailsystem your staff can take an order using any iPad, tablet, laptop or PC. Once they have entered the product details Retailsystem will produce a fully detailed sales order that can be printed or e-mailed to the customer.

Retailsystem is so intuitive that it is just as quick to create an order as it is to hand write one, but legible and complete.

The computer never says no; with Retailsystem’s adaptive selling salespeople are able to sell products that are not in your product catalog, ideal when selling products from supplier brochures or against competition.

Since Retailsystem is cloud-based the status of all orders updates automatically and is visible to everyone. No more pieces of paper with acknowledgement numbers or delivery dates scrawled on them. Real-time stock expected dates gives staff the ability to sell-in to containers or stock on order without overselling.

  • Retail User Friendly
  • Mobile
  • Quick & Intuitive
  • Document Printing
  • Real Time Updating
  • Flexible

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“We had used order pads & stock lists for so long, now I can check stock in the warehouse when I’m with my customer & writing up a sale with Retailsystem is so much quicker”

Dave Salesperson Hi-Sell Direct


Check stock or process orders sitting on the furniture with customers; proven to increase add-on sales


In-stock or catalog products can be created as you take the order via adaptive selling.

Real Time

Update of order status; On order, acknowledged, due date, booked in date etc. for great customer service

User Friendly

With over 8000 individual furniture users – Retailsystem is proven intuitive and easy to use