Hệ thống giúp bạn quản lý và kiểm soát các hoạt động của doanh nghiệp bằng nền tảng đã từng đoạt giải thưởng lớn và đã được sử dụng bởi những Công ty nội thất uy tín với mức giá phù hợp

The Award-Winning RetailSystem EPOS
RetailSystem EPOS

Hệ thống thiết kế rất phù hợp cho các nhà bán lẻ nội

Specific tools and features that will help you to grow your business.
Cloud-based EPOS

No painful software installs and updating. Get the latest updates and improvements automatically. Enjoy the freedom with a proven SaaS EPOS.

Adding items made easy

Add items "on the fly" with RetailSystem Adaptive Selling - including all those products with options you offer. Never have a floor order come to a stop.

Real-Time Activities

Run your day - across all your users and locations knowing it all is happening real-time. Stock handled correctly.

Any device. Anywhere. Anytime.

Desktop. Laptop. IPad, Tablet. Phone. Never worry about needing the right device to access RetailSystem.

Awarded ‘Best Software Supplier to the Furniture and Bed Industry’ for thirteen consecutive years (2009-2021)


Seamless. Unified. That is WebSystem!

A website solution designed for the furniture and bed retailer
Finally - Websites that work

WebSystem delivers the all-important online solution for retailers, whether you require a simple shop window or fully ecommerce ready

Proven WebSystem Process

Consult with the team. Pick a design. Provide key assets and images. Have a team with true web experience in furniture guiding you all the way.

Directly tied to your EPOS

WebSystem is fully integrated with the RetailSystem EPOS. No longer do you have to manage multiple systems for content, products, customer orders, product prices and availability.

Your content. It's in there.

The WebSystem team will fully load your WebSystem CMS with all your current supplier catalogs and content. Catalogs. Categories. Attributes. Images. It is done for you.

WebSystem by RetailSystem
Why RetailSystem?

Built to grow and scale

RetailSystem works for businesses of any size, from single location to multi-store operations.


Seamless and hassle-free

RetailSystem is award-winning software designed specifically for furniture and bed retailers to help improve operations and processes.


Access orders from anywhere

With no equipment to install, maintain or update, the cloud-based system allows access via any web connected device.

We power furniture and bed retailers just like you!
RetailSystem - Any Device

If you run a furniture and bed retail business, the Award-Winning RetailSystem EPOS will help you run things more efficiently and profitably.

Whether you are currently using pen and paper on the sales floor or paying for system updates, equipment, service and support, RetailSystem will transform for your business, regardless of its size.

What’s more, because it’s cloud-based, there is no software to install, no servers to maintain and absolutely no set-up charge, long-term contract or update costs.

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