A note from The President of RetailSystem

RetailSystem – Staying safe and doing our part.

I say there is absolutely no greater feeling than when you overcome adversity! No matter who, what, when, where, or why – we have all been dealt a bad hand at some point. The bigger the challenge – the sweeter the victory. The impact of COVID-19 continues to affect us all in unprecedented ways. Yet – we're strong, we are resilient – and we will come out of this.

RetailSystem is prepared and our priorities are keeping safe while serving others.
  • The RetailSystem Client Success and Tech Support teams are available and at the ready.
  • All RetailSystem team members are virtually based - ready to assist.
  • As a cloud-based platform – we continue to invest heavily in building a robust infrastructure to ensure a high-level of consistent reliability; making sure capacities exceed even new peak work from home needs.
  • Our Development team added additional staff to accelerate the release of new features.
  • Our on-boarding teams are very busy assisting new dealers taking advantage of the situation.
  • Our WebSystem team is launching new dealer sites weekly.
  • Our TradeAxis team is working with vendor partners to communicate product availability to our dealer network.
  • Our AccountsModule group is working day and night on helping dealers prepare necessary items for reporting efforts.
We are dedicated to our mission and vision. We are dedicated to our teams and our clients.

Better days are coming!

I know that this is a difficult time and we will continue to do our part to help where we can. You can expect the same level of support as always. Your communications will be responded to, questions answered, and issues resolved. We are geared to work remotely, so you can count on us to be available when you need us.

There is hope! The RetailSystem team is hearing more from our global network of dealers that they are digging in with an unwavering sense of purpose and conviction - doing what they can today in preparations for a better tomorrow; gallons of paint to deep cleans and warehouse organizations to tackling the systems that they never seem to have time to tackle - including EPOS and websites!

Social distancing. Washing already washed hands. Wiping things down. Staying put. Taking care of others. Doing our job. Head held high!

Retail on!

Jesse - President RetailSystem

Jesse Akre

Just because we’re in a stressful situation doesn’t mean that we have to get stressed out. You may be in the storm. The key is, don’t let the storm get in you.” (Joel Osteen)