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Charlotte, NC - 05/23/19 – Retailsystem, a leading cloud-based Retail Management Software company for the home furnishings industry, announces the launch of a strategic program with Furniture First Buying Group. The Retailsystem program gives Furniture First members an alternative to the pen ...

A “Silver Bullet” will not save your retail business

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Last week I was on a call with a furniture retailer. A couple locations, not large by any means – but not tiny either; "been in business for over 60 years". What stated as a “got a minute” type call turned into a nice dialog about challenge; specifically challenge traditional retailers ...

Retail Marketing – Part science, part art, part gut and 150% tenacity

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So, we are often asked; “Jesse, what are dealers doing online?”. Not are they doing eCommerce (well maybe that too) – but more along the lines of Digital Marketing. You know – that scary unknown that to most is voodoo snake oil. Let’s pause a moment and look back in time. Years ...
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Jesse Akre

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