Text Marketing

Target your customers with a highly efficient and cost effective form of marketing.

Text Marketing

These days, consumers are constantly bombarded with social alerts from friends, family and work. Because of these disruptions, many disable notifications for email and other social networks.

So if you want to market in real time, you need to send a text message.

The Benefits

90% of texts are read by their recipients

Unlike other forms of media, over 90% of text messages sent are read by their recipients and the majority within 4 minutes.

Seven times higher response rate

The response rate to mobile marketing is, on average, an incredible seven times higher than traditional marketing methods.

A proven marketing tool

Using text messages is one of the most effective mediums to promote your business in today’s consumer driven market.


It’s So Easy! And It Works.

  • You’ll be bypassing the email spam filter black hole.
  • You’ll enjoy an almost guaranteed open rate.
  • And, for many of your customers, it’s a preferred method of communication. So they will actually enjoy it more than a cold call or email.

To setup a Text Campaign only takes a few moments with the RetailSystem ‘step by step’ guide. You can filter targeted customers and schedule the campaign to send at a chosen time, to suit your customers time zones.

Success Rates

A whopping 98% of the messages that are sent via SMS are opened within 5 minutes!

The ROI from a Text Campaign is way above any other form of marketing - try it and you’ll be very happy with the results.
Getting Started
Open the app
Click the mobile icon on the dashboard.
Create a template
Follow the step by step process to create your promotion.
Send test message
Send a test message to see how it will be received.
Schedule promotion
Decide when you want your campaign sent out.

Please note setting up a promotion is completely free. You will only be charged once a promotion is sent out.

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