A label for every purpose.


A label for every purpose.

FurnitureLabels is designed to give you the ability to print adhesive labels with your logo and store name for all items on your shop floor, price labels, stock/inventory items in the warehouse, and labels for incoming deliveries, you can prepare label stacks in advance, so if something is missing you will instantly know.

Print a label for every item you have in stock, complete with a barcode. Which makes things so much easier when checking out items sold and monitoring your stock/inventory levels. Stocktakes become much easier and quicker when everything is labelled and barcoded. If items don’t come with a manufacturer’s barcode, then RetailSystem/FurnitureLabels will generate one for them.

If you sell smaller items such as giftware and accessories, which come with a manufacturers barcode, no problem, RetailSystem can read them too, which means processing smaller item sales take seconds. See QuickSale for more information.

Do more with RetailSystem + FurnitureLabels


Purchase order labels stack

Preprint barcoded labels ready for incoming deliveries, printing the whole delivery stack means any short orders will be instantly noticeable.

Goods on premises label stack

Labels based on purchase order Number, by branch or by brand, you can print a label for every item on the premises.

Sold items label stack

Have you ever double sold an item, or want to prevent this ever happening? Print a label for all sold goods on the premises, including the customer’s name and details if needed.

Warehouse location labels

If you have varying locations in your warehouse, print a label with the location on it, meaning staff know exactly where it is when it’s needed.

TicketMargin labels

Print a price label for every item on your shop floor, complete with a barcode, if you have items that don’t come with a manufacturer’s barcode on them, no problem, RetailSystem will generate a barcode for them complete with the item location. TicketMargin can also generate QR code labels which make moving goods around internally and stocktakes a breeze. It also allows you to monitor inter branch transfers effectively.