A barcoded price label for every item.


A barcoded price label for every item.

We all know about barcoded smaller items, which are easily processed through your till point, but, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could print adhesive price labels, complete with a scannable barcode, for every item in your inventory, including items such as sofas, beds, mattresses and other larger items that wouldn’t usually have a barcode, as well as the smaller accessories that you may stock?

Well, the answer is here, and it’s TicketMargin, with this module you can print adhesive labels complete with your store logo, an item description, the price and a scannable barcode which will link fully integrated into your RetailSystem EPoS.

Whether it’s a larger item, such as a sofa or bed, or if it’s a smaller item such as pillows, candles or pictures, TicketMargin will produce a barcoded price label for all of them.

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Larger items

When it’s a larger item such as a sofa, there are two options, if it is a single SKU item, such as a grey sofa, without options, RetailSystem will generate a barcode for it which will belong uniquely to that range of products, whereas, if it is a complex item such as a sofa with many options, back, feet, style, colour etc.. once built as a product, it will once again be given its own unique barcode by RetailSystem as a single SKU, which would then belong only to that single product.

Now that’s what we call useful!!

Smaller items

When it’s a smaller item that can be taken away there and then, you can combine TicketMargin with QuickSale, and simply scan the barcode bringing up the item and cost directly to your till screen, and processing the sale quickly and efficiently, within seconds, leaving your staff free to sell those bigger ticket items.

Stock control

It is an extremely useful tool when it comes to stocktake time, or simply checking if an item is indeed in stock, even interbranch transfers can be easily monitored, what more could you ask for to make your business more streamlined and efficient, other than TicketMargin. Give us a call to learn more.

TicketMargin labels

Print a price label for every item on your shop floor, complete with a barcode, if you have items that don’t come with a manufacturer’s barcode on them, no problem, RetailSystem will generate a barcode for them complete with the item location. TicketMargin can also generate QR code labels which make moving goods around internally and stocktakes a breeze. It also allows you to monitor inter branch transfers effectively.